Upcycled Books

When we come across classic books that are falling apart and missing pages, we just can't bear to throw them out! Instead, they are lovingly upcycled, preserving the stories of our past and giving them a place in our home. 

Each quote is printed on an actual page of the book the quote is from. With over 70 different quotes available from books such as The Wizard of Oz, Little Women, and Treasure Island - and many more - you're sure to find the perfect one. 

Visit our Etsy page (link below) or email for a list of quotes currently available. 

Carefully handcrafted, these flowers are available either on stems or loose and add the perfect accent to bookshelves, centrepieces, and more. 

Getting married? Throwing a shower or a party? Discounts available on orders over 50 flowers. Contact us for details!

With each piece hand cut and folded individually, book page wreaths are unique and one-of-a-kind. While they are not suitable for outdoor use, they hang easily indoors - perfect for apartments, offices, decorations, or cozy book nooks.

With approximately three pages of a book inside each ornament and a tag indicating which book was used, these are the perfect decoration for a book-lover's tree (or to hang in the window year round!). 

Titles available include:
A Christmas Carol - Alice in Wonderland - 
Anna Karennina - Anne of Green Gables - 
Black Beauty - The Call of the Wild - Count of Monte Cristo - Dracula - Works of Edgar Allan Poe - Emma - Great Expectations - The Great Gatsby - 
Gulliver's Travels - Hans Brinker - Heidi - Huckleberry Finn - Jane Eyre - Journey to the Centre of the Earth - Les Miserables - Little Women - The Lost World - Moby-Dick - Mansfield Park - Northanger Abbey - Oliver Twist - Persuasion - Phantom of the Opera - Pride and Prejudice - The Railway Children - Robinson Crusoe - The Scarlet Letter - The Secret Garden - Sense and Sensibility - Sherlock Holmes - The Wind in the Willows - Tom Sawyer - Treasure Island - Wuthering Heights